Quran&Soul institute


Our mission is to open up a real dialogue between human beings and the only One Worthy of Worship: our Creator and Sustainer, Allah, without the curtain of someone else’s translation of His only preserved Speech. We want to heal our souls with the Quran, by recognizing our true nature and achieve clarity, ease anxieties and sadness. Through the Quran and Sunnah, we want to inspire hope for this temporary existence as well as the next eternal life.
In depth Quran Tafseer

تزكية بالقرآن
Tazkiyah bil Quran


Understand the Quran without complex grammatical studies. Appreciate its beauty & miracle and find your purpose in life.

Our Mission

The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said

“Qur’an is the Banquet of Allah, so avail yourself of His Banquet as much as you are capable of. This Qur’an is the Rope of Allah, a ray of Light, wholesome Healing, Protection for whomever holds on to it, Deliverance for anyone who follows it; as soon as he deviates it restores him, as soon as he inclines away, it corrects him. Its marvels never dissipate and no matter how much it is rejected, it never becomes obsolete.” – Saheeh Muslim