Why Quran&Soul?

Without understanding the Quran, we can never attain inner growth, nor appreciate its beauty & miracle. Without the Quran, our purpose of life is lost.
We make Quranic Arabic and the Quran’s Message within reach without complex grammatical studies.
If complex grammatical rules are preventing you from benefiting from the Quran, then this is the course for you!

Our Approach

The Qur’an is the miraculous Speech of Allah which provides sustenance to our soul and completes us. We are a team of dedicated people working together to provide a platform for those who wish to keep turning to Allah, to read and learn the Qur’an according to the pedagogy of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him), his esteemed Companions and pious predecessors, may Allah be pleased with them all, in our present context.

We help discover a life full of meaning. How the Quran guides in every single aspect of life. Have insight into the secrets of our souls and our lives. Hold Allah’s Hand, find direction and a purpose greater than that of any other Creation.

We help appreciate the Quran’s beauty & miracle. Elevate in degrees with True Knowledge, gain clarity, serenity and success in both lives. Elevate to be gifted with Allah’s Love.

What We Offer

Quran Tafseer Courses
We offer multiple modes of learning the meaning of the Qur’an. Courses are available on weekends and weekdays, onsite as well as online. These Study Circles delve into the meaning of each word of the Qur’an from Surah al-Fateha to the end. We focus on understanding, purification and application.

Islamic Psychotherapy
We offer courses on mindfulness and improved emotional balance through ICET, our Islamic Cognitive Emotional Therapy based psychoeducation. Our ICEP- psychotherapy course is heavily based on Quranic narratives, tools from the Sunnah and secular psychotherapy models. ICEP guides clients to identify negative emotions in response to distressful events, and then practice changing one’s outlook to experience more positive emotions, inner strength and productive responses.

Continuing Education and motivational seminars are held on a regular basis. Our student body comprises of teenagers and adults from all walks of life.

Student Testimonials