Convert Care

The ConvertCare Program

For Women By Women

Welcome to ConvertCare, a program offered by Quran&Soul aimed at guiding new Muslims through this beautiful journey into Islam, Allah Willing! Our mission is to teach and assist new Muslims some of the fundamentals of Islam, by learning how to pray in Arabic and Reading the Quran. Once registered, we will set up a time for your one-on-one class to learn how to pray or read the Quran in Arabic.

You will also have access to several valuable resources including helpful videos through your student dashboard .

Experience the Joy of Being Muslim!

The program connects you to Allah with the Qur’an. We read its translation, with the lens of our great Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Basic Islamic studies (beliefs, rituals, daily practices) are taught in an easy and organized manner.

NO FEES! Completely free!

Weekly Quran & Salah Sessions

via WhatsApp for now.

Access through the student dashboard includes videos explaining the details of:

  • Different types of prayers
  • Rules of prayer
  • What to do and what not to do
  • Tahara (purification/cleanliness)
  • How to make Wudu (ablution)
  • Ghusl (ritual bath)
  • Stories of Prophet Yusuf and Musa

Once you register you will be sent details about accessing your dashboard and materials.

helpful tools

Learn How to Pray with Ustadh Mahad Qamar in the following videos

For more information please call or text :

Naseem Ravat