The ConvertCare Program

Experience the Joy of Being Muslim!

Judgement-Free Zone!

Welcome to The Center for Quran&Soul where you will find all the answers you are looking for in this beautiful journey into Islam, Allah Willing!

The ConvertCare Program specializes in teaching and assisting new Muslims to implement Islam into their lives practically and spiritually. Our wish is for you to understand what IT MEANS TO BE A MUSLIM.

The program connects you to Allah with the Qur’an. We read its translation, with the lens of our great Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Basic Islamic studies (beliefs, rituals, daily practices) are taught in an easy and organized manner.

Participants are placed according to their level of knowledge and experience. The 2 hour sessions are held weekly. One hour for Islamic Knowledge and Quran Studies and then the social hour with “Talk it out with Taiba” (see below).

NO FEES! Completely free!

Every Sunday

2:00-4:00pm CST via Zoom for now.

Islam Basics
Stories from the Qur’an
What does it mean to be a Muslim?
Social networking with other Muslims via our Women’s Support Group the Taiba Team.

Fun, Supportive & Safe Environment

“Talk it Out with Taiba”

The ConvertCare Program’s second hour session. Social isolation is scary and this new journey makes one feel uncertain and anxious at times. Our wonderful group of convert women lead these sessions in order to offer a safe, judgment-free and nurturing environment for those new to Islam. The platform is open to any topic of interest to our converts or simply a place to laugh or ask seemingly weird questions without fear!

Physically Distanced-Online for now

Once you register you will be sent details about accessing your dashboard and materials.

For more information please call or text :

Naseem Ravat @ 281-662-5221 or email:

Helpful Tools

Learn how to give the testimony of faith and what it means.

Learn How to Pray with Ustadh Mahad Qamar

  1. Learn how to recite Surah al-Fatiha:

2. Learn how to bow and prostrate in prayer:

3. Learn how to recite “Tashah-hud” when sitting in prayer (atahiyyatu lillahe):

4. Learn how to recite “Durood Ibraaheem” when sitting in prayer (allahumma salli ala..):

5. Learn how to perform 2 complete units of prayer:

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