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Welcome to The Center for Quran&Soul where you will find The Basics you need to know about Salah (Prayer) once you become a Muslim in this beautiful journey into Islam, Allah Willing!

The ConvertCare Program specializes in teaching and assisting new Muslims in Learning How to  Pray in Arabic and Read the Quran.

Once Registered; We will set up a time for your one on one class to learn how to Pray or Read Quran in Arabic. You will also have access of videos through your student dashboard on details of the different Types of Prayers, Rules of Prayer what to do and what not to do, Tahara ( Purification/Cleanliness), How to make Wudu(Ablution), Ghusl (Ritual Bath), Stories of Prophet Yusuf and Musa.

Below are some videos: On the Testimony of Faith ( What to recite to become a Muslim). As well as what you say in the different positions of The Prayer.


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If you would like to Learn How to Pray or Read the Quran in Arabic. Then contact us to schedule your weekly one on one class online.

Islam Basics: How to Pray in Arabic

Read the Quran in Arabic

Rules of Prayer Different prayers: Jumah, Witr, Tahajud, Taraweeh, Istikhara, Eid, Prayer when traveling

How to perform Wudu, Ghusl, Tayammum (DryAblution)

Stories from the Qur’an: Prophet Yusuf & Musa

Once you register you will be sent details about accessing your dashboard and materials.

For more information please call or text :

Naseem Ravat @ 281 662-5221 or email: ccare@quranandsoul.com


Helpful Tools

Learn how to give the testimony of faith and what it means.

Learn How to Pray with Ustadh Mahad Qamar

  1. Learn how to recite Surah al-Fatiha:

2. Learn how to bow and prostrate in prayer:

3. Learn how to recite “Tashah-hud” when sitting in prayer (atahiyyatu lillahe):

4. Learn how to recite “Durood Ibraaheem” when sitting in prayer (allahumma salli ala..):

5. Learn how to perform 2 complete units of prayer:


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