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Unlock My Heart-Tuesdays -UHMIC

TUESDAYS 7:30-9:30 pm

ONLINE ONLY due to Covid 19

On Juz 4


ISGH Maryam Islamic Center

504 Sartartia Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77479

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Word by Word translation of the Quran from Surah al-Fateha onwards
Building Vocabulary
Word Analysis
Explanation ( tafseer) of each ayah based on the exegeses of the Sunnah, Sahabah and classical
Gleaning food for thoughtful implementation

The instructor goes over each word in Arabic of the pertinent ayahs, gives their roots, presents near synonyms, and then discusses tafseer.

A major portion of the course consists of discussions of the meaning of each ayah, the relationship between ayahs, and the explanation from major Mufassireen. Self-refection is encouraged for personal and societal purification. Simple introspective as well as practical exercises and reviews are incorporated on a regular basis to help with retention and implementation inshaAllah.

Knowledge Base
Students have the option of sitting for weekly vocabulary tests, directly from the Qur'an.  A new student can seamlessly join any class at any point. 80% of the vocabulary of the Qur’an
and its central concepts are repeated throughout.

Supplemental Islamic Studies
Seerah ( Biography of the Prophet peace be upon him), Basic Islamic Fiqh of Worship tutorials ( Salah /prayer, Fasting, Zakah/annual charity ) are a part of the Study Circle. These topics are obligatory studies for Muslims.

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