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When the Prophet ﷺ migrated to the city of Yathrib, he changed its name from Yathrib to طَيْبَةُ Taiba – The Pure City, Taaba – The Beautiful City, and Madina-tul-Munawwara – The Illuminated City.

Just like the original Taiba provided support, safety and space to the early Muslim community, our Taiba Team provides spiritual, mental and social support to women by creating opportunities for meaningful connections with other women.

Adult Women from all backgrounds and levels of faith are Welcome!



How do we do this?

  1. “Taiba Meets”- Social activities once a month Thursday evenings. Great food and good talks.
  2. Community Service Projects-Regular opportunities to volunteer for local charities.
  3. “Talk it Out with Taiba”: Weekly social and spiritual support sessions for new Muslim women. In conjunction with The Center’s ConvertCare Program.
  4. Virtual Book Club
  5. Special Events

Taiba Meets

Thursday evenings once a month gives women a chance to enjoy complimentary food, chit chat and get inspired. Our Meets often include a guest speaker. Our guest speakers cover a range of topics such as mental health, spiritual well-being, physical well-being, raising kids, political involvement….you get the idea!!

Community Service Projects

Our volunteers are wonderful. generous women who give so much of their time to food drives, refugee baskets, clothing drives, masjid donations among others.

“Talk it Out with Taiba”

These are our weekly sessions with the new Muslims in our The Center for Quran&Soul’s ConvertCare program. Social isolation is scary and this new journey makes one feel uncertain and anxious at times. Our wonderful group of convert women lead these sessions in order to offer a safe, judgment-free and nurturing environment for those new to Islam. The platform is open to any topic of interest to our converts or simply a place to laugh or ask seemingly weird questions without fear!

Virtual Book Club

Our first book has been a huge success Alhamdolillah! “Reclaim Your Heart” is a soulful look into our hearts and it truly inspired us! And we will continue this program with suggestions from our community inshaAllah.

Special Events

We offer creative and uplifting opportunities to socialize. The image on the left is from our “Self-care through Art” Program. We’ve also celebrated the “World Hijab Day” with an awesome fashion show.

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