In depth Quran Tafseer

تزكية بالقرآن

Tazkiyah bil Quran

purification with the quran


The primary goal of understanding the Quran is purification of the self. Without understandingthe Quran, we can never attain inner growth, nor appreciate its beauty.
If complex grammatical rules are preventing you from benefiting from the Quran, then this is the course for you!
Imagine a heartfelt connection with Allah’s Words! Appreciating the stunning beauty of the Words and elevating your connection with the Divine!


Our weekly In Depth Tafseer Tazkiyah bil Quran Course is a detailed word-by-word study of the Quran from Surah al-Fatiha onwards. Our instructor builds the foundation by teaching translation of every single word, word analysis, and Explanation (tafseer) of each ayah based on the exegesis of the Sunnah, Sahabah and classical scholars. The foundation is built upon with discussions steeped in deep psychological insights, from years of studying and teaching the Quran. Students are given tools to reflect upon, question and challenge their inner selves in the light of the ayaat (verses). This journey will change you and fulfill you unlike anything else of this world.


The instructor goes over each word in Arabic of the pertinent ayahs, gives their roots, presents near synonyms, and then discusses tafseer. She teaches students to draw “rabt” (connections) within and between ayaat and topics which outwardly seem to shift in discourse. The instructor’s goal is to help the students to elevate their souls and make the Quran their ultimate Imam bi idhnillah.

Course Options


For LIVE CLASSES, women have the option of attending Onsite, Online, or registering as Self-Paced Students if they are unable to join live. Men may register for live classes as self-paced students. Self-paced students keep up with the live lesson plans, but access material via recordings.
All are required to keep up with the weekly material.
These are ongoing classes. Each course may be at a different point in the Quran, so please email us or text us for more information.

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NOTE: A new student can seamlessly join at any point in the course. The only requirement is knowledge of the Arabic alphabet and rudimentary Quran reading skills.

Three DIFFERENT WEEKLY course timings are listed. Each course is taught once a week.

Course 1

TUESDAYS 7:45 pm – 9:30 pm

Course 2

WEDNESDAYS 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Live Onsite and Online
At Quran&Soul Institue

Course 3

SATURDAYS 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Live Onsite and Online
At Quran&Soul Institue

[Onsite courses are limited due to Covid for now]

**Nominal fees are applied and financial assistance is provided. We do not turn away any students.